Kowa Optimed offers over 25 lines of CCTV and machine vision lenses to fit a wide range of applications. One highlight of Kowa’s vast product line is the XC Lens Series. Not only does this high performance, large format, C-mount lens series provide six 8+ megapixel lenses ranging from focal lengths of 12mm to 35mm, but each lens uses Kowa’s floating mechanism design which eliminates optical aberrations at any distance. Each XC Series lens provides high resolution and is compatible with a 4/3” C-Mount, which is a rare quality Kowa is proud to offer.

Another highlight is Kowa Optimed’s flagship design, the JC10M series. These versatile lenses have proven their strength in the CCTV and machine vision industries, but are also highly adaptable to a wide range of applications including cinema, photography, and robotics. The JC10M series offers seven 10-megapixel lenses, making this series unique to the market and unmatched by any competitor.

Kowa Optimed offers an extensive line of zoom lens series, including day and night 5-megapixel lenses, 2-megapixel lenses, zoom SWIR lenses, and zoom high-resolution lenses. Designed to provide sharp images even in long-range surveillance applications, Kowa’s zoom lenses perform to their highest abilities regardless of the lighting conditions in the surrounding environment.


  • 4/3" XC Series
  • 2/3" 10MP JC10M Series
  • 2/3" 5MP Plus JC5M2 Series
  • Wide Angle Megapixel NCM Series
  • 2/3" JCM Series
  • 1" HC Series
  • 2/3" JC Series
  • 1/2" NCL Series
  • Varifocal Lens
  • 1" SWIR HC-SW Series
  • Large Format NIR Series
  • 1/3" NF-Mount NF Series
  • Φ46 LF Series
  • Φ30 CLS Series
  • 1/2" 3CCD NC3 Series
  • Telecentric Lenses
  • Macro Zoom Lenses