Navitar is the leading supplier of optics, opto-mechanical sub-assemblies and opto-electronic system solutions for machine vision, automation, assembly, imaging, testing, measuring, and inspection. Our optical designs are involved in applications such as semiconductor metrology, electronic imaging, telecommunications, biometrics, photonics R&D, non-contact measurement and biotechnology.

We provide leading equipment manufacturers with highly repeatable and automated precision optics to design into new instrumentation with a smaller footprint and lower price than older equipment. Our OEM solutions aid in automated visual inspection, FPD fabrication, wafer inspection and non-contact measurement.

Navitar offers low-magnification imaging lenses in the following formats: 1", 2/3", 1/2" and 1/3". Quality construction, coupled with precision engineering, result in video optics that are sharp, high-resolution and optically precise. We offer a complete range of imaging lenses for every industrial and robotic image processing application.

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