At the Vision 2011 exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany, Photonfocus presented a new CMOS camera based on their Double Rate (DR) technology.  Featuring data rates 100% faster than a typical GigE interface and approximately 25% faster than a dual-tap Camera Link interface over a single Ethernet cable while still maintaining GigE Vision and GenICam compliance, users can simplify their system architecture and reduce implementation costs associated with link aggregation-based camera solutions.

The Photonfocus DR1-D1312-200-G2-8 camera is capable of 577fps at VGA and 135fps at 1.4MP resolution which makes it a perfect fit for applications such as motion analysis and failure detection while offering a simpler, more cost-effective solution for demanding high-speed machine vision applications.  Recently companies such as NorPix (Montreal, Canada –, have implemented complete support for the DR1 camera into their popular StreamPix capture software and successfully integrated and deployed the camera into their multi-camera turnkey systems.

“The Photon Focus DR1 gives us the ability to use a single GigE port to record 500 fps at VGA resolution.  With our TroublePix software for high speed troubleshooting, we can now use a laptop for applications requiring portability and needing over 500 fps at VGA resolution from one or two cameras.  In the past, this type of application was only do-able using cameras with on board memory.“ says Luc Nocente of NorPix.

Since the initial release, Photonfocus has continued to expand support for the DR1 camera.  In order to evaluate the DR technology users can download the DR1-Evaluator program and test performance with their own sample images prior to purchasing a camera.  A user manual is available with information on how to use the DR1 camera with today’s popular software libraries.

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AuthorWilliam Carson