Photonfocus announces the addition of the SM1 smart camera series to their standard products.  For the past 2 years this smaller form-factor series has been used for custom specific projects and is well-suited for embedded vision applications.  To further enhance the product line the SM1 series will soon be expanded to include additional sensors ranging from VGA to 5MP resolution.  The SM1 and SM2 feature different DSPs and can be combined with all MV1 CMOS image sensor modules.  Combining this technology with FPGA pre-processing can further increase the performance.

For custom specific embedded solutions the SM1 PCB stack offers an advantage with its small form factor and rugged industrial interface connectors. Photonfocus supports custom specific design-ins by supplying CAD data in STEP format and custom specific sensor PCB implementations.

After 6 years on market the SM2 smart camera series has been updated. Revision 2 upgrades the 1 GHz DSP to the TMS320C6455 1.2 GHz TI DSP. The software tool chain, the framework and the examples have also been updated and expanded. Customers have the option of programming the cameras with their own code with software packages like OpenCV or Halcon embedded.

The SM2 camera family consists of four main members:

  • The SM2-D1024 features flexible ROI modes and an extraordinary high signal to noise ratio (SNR) due to the high full well capacity (200ke-) of the Photonfocus A1024B CMOS sensor.  This camera is excellent for optical metrology and welding applications.
  • The SM2-D1312, which features the Photonfocus A1312 sensor, offers a well-balanced ratio between sensitivity and signal to noise ratio (SNR) with an option for enhanced NIR sensitivity.
  • The SM2-D2048x1088 is a fast 2MP area scan camera for low-light applications with additional line scan capabilities supporting line scan applications with up to 27kHz line rate.
  • The SM2-D2048, features a 4MP low light CMOS sensor.
AuthorWilliam Carson