Photonfocus releases the new G2 series GigE Vision cameras based on the MV1 camera platform and Photonfocus A1312 and A1312IE (NIR Enhanced) CMOS sensors. The MV1-D1312-xx-G2 camera is available in four models offering speeds of 27(-40), 55(-80), 68(-100) and 135(-200) frames per second allowing for application flexibility. 

The -40 and -80 models are well suited for standard and multiple camera applications and systems. The -100 model pushes the limit of the GigE interface. When used with powerful computer hardware and high-performance drivers the -100 provides a convenient solution even for challenging machine vision applications. Applications requiring multiple high-speed GigE Vision cameras can use multi-channel GigE cards or GigE frame grabbers designed to reduce the load of the computer hardware. The recently released DR1-D1312-200-G2-8 model completes the new G2 product series and offers a GigE Vision compliant solution with twice the frame rate performance of other GigE Vision cameras on the market using the Photonfocus proprietary Double Speed technology.

SDK’s for Windows 32 and 64-bit and RedHat Linux 32 and 64-bit operating systems are available for download on the Photonfocus website at no charge. Photonfocus also offers a GigE support package if necessary. The updated camera manual now offers guidance on how to use Photonfocus GigE Vision CMOS cameras with popular 3rd party software libraries.

AuthorWilliam Carson