Photonfocus Smart Cameras

The Photonfocus SM2 Series cameras, based on a programmable Texas Instruments TMS320 C6455 1GHz DSP, target customers with image processing and C/C++ programming experience. and are compatible with existing image processing libraries offered by HalconEmbedded, OpenCV etc. A framework program makes the use of the new smart cameras much easier not having to deal with memory access, DSP register etc. if not needed.


SM2-D1312-TI6455-160-GB | BROCHURE

  • Photonfocus A1312, 1", 1312 x 1082, 108fps, GigE Interface

SM2-D2048-TI6455-160-GB | BROCHURE

  • CMOSIS CMV4000, 1", 2048 x 2048, 37fps, GigE Interface

SM2-L2048-TI6455-160-GB | BROCHURE

  • CMOSIS CMV2000, 2/3", 2048 x 1088, 27300fps, GigE Interface