Digital Cameras - Line Scan

Digital Cameras - Line Scan


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CameraLink & GigE Vision Line Scan Camera TAG-7 Series

TAG-7 is a family of technologically advanced linescan cameras, designed to meet the most demanding requirements of today’s machine vision applications.

The TAG-7 cameras are available with both GigE Vision and CameraLink interfaces, with high-class mono and color sensors.

The CameraLink versions have a speed up to up to 80 KHz and are targeted to high-speed applications.

They support Base, Medium, Full and 80-bit modes and PoCL (Power over Camera Link) for easier cabling.

The TAG-7 CameraLink cameras can be easily integrated with any frame-grabber and are the perfect companion of the M100 Clink Vision Controller.

The TAG-7 GigE Vision cameras supports longer cables, do not require a frame-grabber and have a speed up to 49 KHz.

They can be easily integrated to any GigE-compliant processing unit such as the M100 GigE Vision Controller

The TAG-7 cameras have an internal FPGA that can be customized so to tailor specific requirements.

All the TAG-7 cameras have the same compact size (only 62x62x36mm) and the same rugged and stable enclosure.


  • Linear CCD and CMOS technology
  • Resolutions from 2K up to 8K, mono and color
  • High Speed: up to 80 KHz line rate
  • GigE Vision and CameraLink protocols
  • Internal FPGA for image pre-processing
  • Compact size of 62x62x64 mm
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