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Device oriented workflow environment

Thanks to a simplified design flow, NAUTILUS allows supervising the entire development and delivery process to achieve production needs in the minimum time.

User can design his custom vision application exploiting a device-oriented workflow environment.

The application is built inserting vision and flow control tools into a graphical application flow by drag & drop paradigm.

Open Platform

Program steps can be configured so to tailor the application on specific elaborations.

Actions and algorithms can be implemented using standard C/C++ code.

NAUTILUS implements an open platform supporting the integration of 3rd party and open source vision tools and libraries like Halcon, MIL, OpenCV and many others.

Complete Algorithm set

NAUTILUS includes more than 250 vision and flow-control tools for application development; allowing to make a state of the art application.

Customizable user interface layout

The NAUTILUS interface layout is highly customizable, so users can adjust it to meet specific needs.

Multi-threading capability

NAUTILUS supports multi-threading on application flow.

Developer can easily parallelize analysis in order to achieve high speed application.

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