Nautilus Discovery

Nautilus Discovery


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Automatic devices discovery and recognition

NAUTILUS automatically searches and recognizes all connected devices via IP; both Multi-camera systems and Smart-Cameras.

Quick image setup

Immediate Live view from cameras / Smart Cameras.

Simple image configuration management thanks to:

  • Shutter, Gain, Strobe Slidebar
  • Automatic White Balance
  • Best focus setting function
  • Histogram Display
  • ColorMap view

Device I/O management

User can quickly verify I/O wiring and machine integration, reducing start-up time and simplifying electrical debug.

Simple Devices Management

Complete display of device configuration:

  • Type and number of connected cameras
  • Software / Firmware versions
  • Device parameters

 Users can easily manage:

  • IP configuration
  • SW & FW update

Device capabilities learning

Once selected the device to be programmed, NAUTILUS automatically acquire the device capabilities and configure the development environment for device compliancy.

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